Sun City TX Cyclists

GLT Meeting on Jan. 13, 2015

Attendance:   Phil Durham, Ginny Warner, Bill McMillian, Jan Woolheater, Greg Hughes,

                          Gordon Warner, Ellie Notz, Werner Koczian, Mark Geppert, Judy Koczian.        

Meeting was held at the home of President, Phil Durham; called to order at 2:04 pm

Minutes of the Nov. 4, 2014 meeting were read and approved as corrected.

The Treasurers report was accepted. 

Gordon Warner reviewed the current membership status.  114 people have paid dues with 6 being new members.  45 Members are still unpaid.  48 people checked that they would be willing to work on the Red Poppy Ride.  Approximately $960 has been paid in dues with a possible annual total of $1000 expected from renewals.

There was much discussion about a 2015 budget.  We agreed to use $1200.00 as the targeted dues income for the budget year anticipating additional new members through the year.  We agreed to review the budget if the actual receipts are less than $1,200.

With this information we continued to discuss the budget. The following was concluded:

Web           $156.00

Trophies   $200.00

Social          $550.00

Red Poppy $250.00

Total           $1156.00

Gordon Warner moved to approve the proposed budget, Phil Durham 2nd  and it was unanimous.

It was agreed the GLT meetings be opened to the entire membership.  Any member can currently attend GLT meetings but it was agreed the President send the full membership future GLT meeting notices including the proposed agenda and requesting RSVP’s. Those expressing an interest in attending will receive minutes from the previous meeting.  It was agreed we have meetings 3 times a year:  1st quarter would deal with Budget; November would elect new officers; and  the 3rd meeting would be as needed.

Phil Durham moved to eliminate the mileage handicap for mountain bikes and the highest mileage trophy.  The vote was 5 for and 5 against; therefore, it did not pass.

Gordon Warner moved to eliminate the high millage trophy.  This passed.

Bill McMillian moved to “score a mile as a mile”. This failed.

Gordon Warner moved we adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 3.36 pm


Respectfully Submitted

Virginia Warner,  Secretary