Sun City TX Cyclists

GLT Meeting on Jan. 26, 2016


GLT members: Phil Durham, Mark Geppert, Robert Crane, Gordon Warner, Judy Koczian, Werner Koczian, Ginny Warner, Ellie Notz, Bob Nelson, Bil McMillian, Greg Hughes, Jay Sender

General members: Ted Koziell, Sharon Reed, Kitty Barnes

Meeting was held at the home of President, Greg Hughes; called to order at 2:00 pm

Reading of the November 11, 2015 meeting minutes was waived.Minutes approved after motion made and 2nd.

Treasurerís report was accepted with a $2,916.03 ending balance from December 2015.Phil Durham stated previous GLT action specified a $2,500 budget reserve, along with a requirement to maintain a balanced budget.Following discussion of the projected 2016 budget deficit of $236, a motion was approved to accept the budget as proposed and cover the deficit with the 2015 surplus income of $403.14.

Robert Crane reported receiving 111 membership renewals, along with application from 14 new members.Therefore, 39 previous members havenít renewed.

Goal Setter Program:GLT approved a change effective 2017 which limits 2x mountain bike mileage to off-road only.No other changes were made to the program following a lengthy discussion which included replacing trophies with paper certificates; reducing the line item budget to $50; and requiring participants to pay an annual $3 fee.

Communication Committee Report:Bill McMillian, Phil Durham and Sharon Reed agreed to speak in favor of a bicycle master plan when itís presented to the City of Georgetown Council.Sharon reported that all are welcome to attend a party being planned for March in the parking lot outside Cyclewerx; and a swap meet at the SC Pavilion is being planned for May.

SCTX Cyclists Organization Structure Study Group:The report was accepted following a brief discussion.

SCTXCyclists Bylaws:Phil Durham presented the proposed revisions and was asked to make some additional changes.A motion calling for email balloting after the requested changes are incorporated was approved.

New Business:

         Bill McMillian agreed to research manufacturer requirements regarding setting up an on-line store to purchase club jerseys.Sharon Reed is looking for volunteers to help her design the jerseys.

         Sharon Reed will prepare a letter for GLT approval in support of a City of Georgetown bicycle master plan.

         It wasagreed to send Kitty Barnes an electronic copy of the SCTX Cyclists member list.

Meeting adjourned at 4:01 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jay Sender, Secretary.


Attachments: SCTX Cyclists Organization Structure Study Group Report