Sun City TX Cyclists

GLT Meeting on Nov. 4, 2014

Attendance:  Roger Murphy, Phil Durham, Ginny Warner, Bill McMillian, Jan Woolheater, Greg Hughes,

                          Gordon Warner, Ellie Notz, Werner Koczian, Mark Geppert, Judy Koczian.        

Meeting was held at the home of Ellie Notz; called to order at 1:10 pm.

Minutes of the Nov. 18, 2013 meeting were read and approved.  It was suggested that from now on the Secretary send the previous minutes to the GLT for prior meeting review.

The Treasurers report was accepted.  There was much discussion about a 2015 budget.  The budget issue was tabled to a proposed January GLT meeting.  Greg Hughes moved that $2500 be kept as an end of year balance.  Phil Durham moved and Bill McMillian seconded that we maintain a balanced budget: unanimous approval.

Mark Geppert, as Red Poppy Ride Chairperson gave his report. Any action was tabled until the next meeting.

Membership Update:  Gordon Warner reported we currently have 166 members with 32 new members this year and 38 dropped for non-payment of dues.  It was proposed to modify the 2015 Membership Application with a check-off box if a person wished to work the Red Poppy Ride.  Jan Woolheater moved with unanimous approval.

Ellie Kotz moved we approve funds of up to $10 for each successful mileage goal setter.

Susan Lorms will submit an expense proposal for the Christmas Party to Jan Woolheater who will then submit this to the GLT for email vote approval.

Elected New Officers:

President            Phil Durham                                                        Membership        Gordon Warner

Vice President    Greg Hughes                                                    Web Master         Greg Hughes

Secretary             Ginny Warner                                   Communication Jan Woolheater

 Treasurer            Bill McMillian                                                                                             


Meeting adjourned: 3:00 pm