Sun City TX Cyclists

GLT Meeting on Nov. 11, 2015

GLT members:   Phil Durham, Ginny Warner, Bill McMillian, Susan Lorms, Greg Hughes, Gordon Warner,                                          Ellie Notz, Werner Koczian, Mark Geppert, Judy Koczian.    

General members:  Bob Nelson, Karen Shawhan, Sharon Reed, Kitty Barnes, Diane Joansonno (guest),                         Thaddeus Spack, Don Shawhan, Tom Codrington, Rufus Barnes, Ted Kozell, Janet Koran, Linda Durham, 

Meeting was held at the home of President, Phil Durham; called to order at 2:05 pm

Minutes of the January13, 2015 meeting were read Greg Hughes moved to approve Gordon Warner 2nd.  Minutes approved.

The Treasurers report was accepted as presented with a $3300 balance.   Bill McMillian moved that dues paid at the end of each year be posted toward the following years receipts; a 2nd from Phil Durham, carried.   Per the 2015 Budget, Mark Geppert spent $250 for the Red Poppy picnic held in May.  It was confirmed that $2500.00 residual be kept in the Treasury at the end of each year.

Gordon Warner reported the current 2015 dues received: $1230.  Membership status as of Sept. 30 is 150 including 24 new members.  29 people have been dropped.   Gordon Warner reported that with Phil’s concurrence Robert Crane has agreed to be the new membership chairman.

New Homeowner Orientation meeting will be November 19th.

Officer positions:  Mark Gephart was asked and accepted nomination for Vice President; Jay Sender was asked and accepted nomination for Secretary.   Both were approved.

Discussion on mileage trophy:  Bill McMillian moved we reinstate the High Mileage trophy as a rotating trophy; 2nd buy Ellie Notz.  Motion passed.

Discussion on review of club Bi-laws:  Bob Nelson will chair a committee for discussion.  Committee members are Greg Hughes, Phil Durham, Norm Middleton and Janet Koran.   Questions to resolve: Do we need all the structure, become a charter club, or disband the club all together.

Ellie Notz will chair the Millage Program taking over from Phil Kline.  Thanks Phil.

Susan Lorms will resign as Social Chairperson after the Christmas Party.  Thanks Susan.  Suggestions needed for someone to replace her.

Bill McMillian brought up the need for bicycle parts for the Austin Yellow Bike program.  Parts can be left at Bill McMillians house and he will deliver.

Bill McMillian moved and Greg Hughes 2nd that the meeting be closed.   Adjourned at 3:36 pm

Addendum:  Greg Hughes was elected President by e-mail balloting subsequent to the GLT meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Virginia Warner, Secretary.