Sun City TX Cyclists (SCC)

GLT Meeting of Nov. 16, 2016


GLT members: Phil Durham, Mark Geppert, Gordon Warner, Ginny Warner, Ellie Notz, Bill McMillian, Greg Hughes, Jan Woolheater, Bev Sborov, Kitty Barnes, Sharon Reed, Jay Sender

General members: Ted Koziell, Howard Hammerbeck, Tom Colvin, Leanne Smith

Meeting was held at the home of President, Greg Hughes; called to order at 2:01 pm

Reading of the January 26, 2016 meeting minutes was waived.  Minutes approved after motion made and 2nd.

Treasurer’s report was accepted with a current balance of appox. $3,200.  The expected year-end balance after anticipated expenditures will be approx. $300.

Robert Crane reported the membership is currently 165, an increase of 15 over year-end 2015.

Greg Hughes reported the 2016 budget was based on 124 members.  The budget was approved following discussion.

Communication Committee Report: Sharon Reed reported there are 106 people on the SCC facebook site, not all SCC members. GLT approved allowing Sharon to administer the site at her discretion following discussion on whether or not to include non-SCC members.

SCC Jerseys:  Sharon reported she will place another order for 2016 style jerseys by year-end.  The price will remain $76 as long as there are at least 5 jerseys ordered.  Those interested in buying a jersey are encouraged to deliver a check made out to SCC to Sharon at the Christmas party.

New Business:

·         Greg Hughes read the list of proposed 2017 officers.  The officers were approved following a motion and 2nd.  The officers are:

o   President:                    Mark Geppert

o   Vice-President:           Howard Hammerbeck

o   Treasurer:                   Bill McMillian

o   Secretary:                   Jay Sender


·         Greg Hughes moved to create a subcommittee to review the SCC website. The motion was 2nd and approved. Subcommittee members are Mark Geppert, Sharon Reed, and Greg Hughes.


·         Sharon Reed moved to add Leanne Smith to the GLT.  The motion was 2nd and approved.


·         Sharon moved to create a subcommittee named the “Cycling Advisory Committee” to liaison with local officials in order to promote a cycling friendly environment. The motion was 2nd and approved.  A $100 budget to cover expenses was approved.  Subcommittee members are Sharon Reed, Kitty Barnes, Phil Durham, Leanne Smith, Bill McMillian, and Janet Koran.


·         Mark Geppert agreed to discuss publication of a monthly cycling article in the Sun Rays with staff.


·         A new “Publicist” position was created.  Nobody has accepted the position at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 3:16 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jay Sender, Secretary.