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Article I. Name of the Club is "Sun City Tx Cyclists" ("the Club") and also known as "SCtxC."

Article II. Purpose of the Club is to provide structure to implement the cycling mission statement.

Article III. Mission Statement

To share the joy of bicycle riding on the streets and roads of our community, city, county and state, and to meet and join other cyclists for fellowship and social activities, including

Meetings to share information and educate Sun City residents about the joys of cycling;

Provide information on physical conditioning and cycling safety;

Provide beginner and advanced bicycling training programs and bike set-up and maintenance clinics;

Develop and plan a schedule of group rides of various distance and pace to accommodate all skill levels:

-- within Sun City,

-- outside the community, on county or state roads;

Plan and coordinate full-day or multi-day trips to more distant locations for group rides or participation in cycling events;

Organize social events for club members and non-cycling spouses/partners; and

Provide appropriate support to cycling organizations and others in the protection of the rights and safety of cyclists.

Article IV. Membership

Section A. Membership is open to all persons without discrimination as to race, religion, color, ethnic or national heritage. It is not necessary to be a resident of Sun City Texas to join as a member.

Section B (amended 2/2004). A person can register as a member by completing an application form and waiver of liability and paying Club dues.

Section C. Guest Cyclists – A guest, who signs a waiver of liability provided by a Club ride leader at the beginning of the ride, is permitted to ride on any Club Sponsored Group Ride. Club sponsored rides are rides communicated to the general Club membership.

Section D. Open Road Policy – A person who refuses or fails to sign a waiver of liability on or before a Club sponsored ride, but still rides along with Club members, does not secure the status of Club Guest. Such a person is and shall be considered and treated by the Club as a separate and independent cyclist and not as part of the Club ride.

Section E (amended 10/2004, 01/2008).  Dues shall be set at $10.00 per year for the first member in a household and $5.00 per year for each additional member in the same household.  Dues shall not be prorated but dues received in December will be regarded as membership for the remainder of the current year plus the following year.

Reasonable expenses incurred by Club officials on behalf of the Club shall be reimbursed or paid by the Treasurer upon presentation of a receipt.

Article V. Leadership

Section A. The General Leadership Team ("GLT") shall consist of interested volunteers from the general membership up to a maximum of twenty (20) members. Additions to the GLT are open at all times to all members of the Club simply by volunteering. GLT members or Club officials can resign at any time. Vacancies in Club official positions shall be filled by the GLT from the remaining members of the GLT or the general membership. All Club officials shall automatically be members of the GLT.

Section B (amended 2/2004, 01/2008).

The GLT shall elect the following Club officials:



Vice President


The GLT shall appoint the following Club positions:


Web Master

Publicity and Communications

Membership Coordinator


Section C. Club officers shall serve until the GLT selects a successor or a member resigns from his or her position as a Club official.

Section D. GLT action requires a majority vote of GLT members (absentee voting is allowed).

Section E. Meetings of the GLT - The President can call a meeting of the GLT at any time with adequate notice to all GLT members, including an agenda. Any GLT member can ask the President to call a GLT meeting. Any two GLT members can call a meeting of the GLT with adequate notice, including an agenda.

Article VI (amended 2/2004, 2/2008). Duties of GLT, Club Officers and appointed positions:

GLT – overall administration of Club activities in the fulfillment of the Club’s mission;

President – represents GLT leadership in the administration of day to day matters of the Club and shall appoint committees from the membership as needed;

Vice President – Performs the duties of the President in the event the President is not available to do so.

Secretary – Records and distributes the minutes of GLT meetings, keeps Club records other than the membership list and treasury items;

Treasurer – maintains Club records of receipts and expenditures, disburses Club funds as necessary, establishes a bank account in name of Club with signatories being the Treasurer, Secretary and President (however, Club checks require only one signature and can be unlimited in amount), and reports Club’s financial status to the GLT and the membership after the end of April, August and December of each year;

Membership Coordinator –  maintains a list of individuals who have submitted a current membership application, annual dues, and signed waiver of liability; assists the Treasurer by receiving and depositing dues in the bank and sending deposit slips to the Treasurer.

Web Master – Maintains the Club web site and places information of the web site that is provided by other Club members, e.g. social planners, ride coordinators, etc.

Publicity and Communications -  Promotes the club by attending New Resident Orientation meetings and by securing publicity in the Sun Rays, Williamson County Sun, and other local publications.

Article VII. Amendment of Bylaws.

The GTL may amend the bylaws at any time by a majority vote of the GTL members (absentee voting is allowed).

Article VIII. Rights of General Membership.

Section A. General membership can remove one or more members of the GLT at any time with a 25% approval vote of registered members.

Section B. General membership can mollify and/or abrogate any action taken by the GLT at any time, including the naming of Club officials, with a 25% approval vote of registered members.

Section C. General membership can nullify and cancel the Bylaws at any time with a 50% approval vote of registered members and, upon such action, the Club shall be immediately dissolved.

Section D. Bylaws and any amendments thereto shall be available for copying by any Club member upon request.

Article IX (amended 2/04, 02/2008). Adoption of Bylaws

The General Leadership Team by a majority signing below adopt and place these Bylaws (initially adopted as of September 1, 2003 and now amended) into effect as of January 1, 2004.

Richard M. Brown (signed)                               Reid Davis (signed)
Doug Brown (signed)                                       Judy Robinson(signed)
Joe Denison (signed)                                       Sean Althaus(signed)
Jamie Buckner (signed)                                    Scorchy Smith(signed)
Franklin Miller (signed)                                     Jim Bakken(signed)
Teri Miller (signed)                                           Sue Morris (signed)


Amended by the GLT Feb. 28, 2008

Sun City Tx Cyclists President


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