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Route ID Start Miles Route Description
A-M Andice Map Andice ride meeting/start location.
A01 Andice Withdrawn!  Unsafe route.
A02 Andice 32m N to CR224, S/E to Florence, W/S to IndianSprgs Rd., N to Andice
A03 Andice 31m W to CR207, N to CR210, E to CR223, S to CR215
A04 Andice 38m N CR215, CR216, CR217, CR236, CR276,CR274,243, CR272, CR210, CR211, CR213, CR208
A05 Andice 33m N CR215, CR216, CR217, CR236, CR208,CR213,CR211, CR224, FM138, CR226, Hwy 195, CR244, CR242, CR241, CR250
A05a Andice 31/38m Variant of A05, with opportunity for 6 bonus miles
A06 Andice 35m W to CR276, N to Joppa, E to CR211, S to Mahomet, S to CR236, E to CR209, E to Andice
A07 Andice 34m W to CR200, loop E on CR204, CR205, N CR274, E CR276, N CR284, N CR 212, E CR211, S CR223, back to Andice
A08 Andice 27m West across 183, down & around the hill, then North to Mahomet. East on 211, South on 224, 226 looping back toAndice
A09 Andice 26m West across 183, N on 209, S on 236, N on 208 to 211, then E to 224. E on 138, S on 226, E on 220, S on 216, W on 215
A10 Andice 27m Similar to A09 but goes down to Indian Springs Rd., then back North. Has 2 shorter escape routes.
A11 Andice 25m Cutdown route to 25miles using A03 as a base. 
A12 Andice 47m Andice to Mahomet, East to Florence, South and West looping around to Andice.
A13 Andice 34m Andice over to Florence, then loop back to Andice.
B-M Bertram Map City of Bertram map for ride start location.
B01 Bertram 41m S to Oatmeal, swings up to CR330, West into edge of Burnet, loops around Mountain Pastures, back to CR330, then back to Bertram.
B02 Bertram 30m S to Oatmeal, swings back around to CR330, East to FM 243, loops North across SH29, then cuts back to Bertram.
B03 Bertram 33m E/N to Joppa and FM963, W/S to Shady Grove, W/S to FM243, E back to Bertram.  Short but hilly; tough route.
B04 Bertram 39m Based on B01; eliminates Oatmeal section.  CR 330 used instead.
B05a Bertram 39m This may be our favorite route; you'll also need B05b.
B05b Bertram 39m This is the other half of the B05a route; you'll need both maps.
F-M Florence Map City of Florence map for ride start location.
F01 Florence 31m W CR226 to CR244, CR223, CR219, CR244, CR233,FM487, CR232, FM487
F02 Florence 41m S TX195, W CR233, S FM487, S CR234, Jarrell, then loop back to Florence
F03 Florence 35m N on 195, E over to Eagles Nest, then loops S and W back to Florence
F04 Florence 26m Based on F01, but cuts off at CR 220 to make a shorter route
F05 Florence 50m Based on F02, adds 10 miles additional
F06 Florence 27m Based of F04, but in reverse direction and eliminates FM 487; uses CR 229 instead.
F07 Florence 31m Based on F06; adds 5 miles.
F08 Florence 36m Heads out the back way from Florence, loops around on CR 233, back over toward Andice, and then back to Florence.
L-M Liberty Hill Map City of Liberty Hill ride start location.
LH01 Liberty Hill 28m S CR279, CR281, CR283, CR284, CR288, CR323, CR322, CR266, CR206, CR201
LH02 Liberty Hill 38m N to Joppa, E to Mahomet, S back to LH
LH03 Liberty Hill 32m N to Hwy 243, E to Mahomet, S back to LH
LH04 Liberty Hill 41m NW toward Bertram, N to Shady Grove, E to Joppa, S back to LH
LH05 Liberty Hill 32m N on CR200, Left on 201/274, E on 276/236, S on 209, W on 210, R on 207, W on 236/276, S on 200, W on 203, S on 201, then S on 200.
S-M Salado Map City of Salado ride start location.
S01 Salado 38m S Main, E Royal, S Armstrong Loop, E/N Krause Rd., N FM1123, E Landfill Rd., N FM195,W Stag Rd.,W Campbell Hill Rd
S02 Salado 36m Same as S01, except omits Atkins Rd. (gravel road).
S03 Salado 39m Variant of S01; routes North and then West on Elmer King Rd., then West to Tahuaya Rd., Smith Dairy Rd. then W. Amity Rd.
S04 Salado 42m Variant of S02; reverses direction of travel at several points. This is a favorite route.
SCB-M Sun City Map Sun City Entrance/First Texas Bank parking lot; Ride Start Location.
SCL-M Sun City Map Sun City Entrance to The Pavilion (Legacy Hills Park); ride start location.
SCT-M Sun City Map Sun City Tennis Courts parking lot; Ride Start Location.
SC01 Sun City 30m Start from Bank at Front Entrance of SC, over to Florence, East toward Jarrell and in back gate of Sun City.
SC02 Sun City 45m Start from Bank at Front Entrance of SC, West on Indian Springs Rd, N through Andice, East to Florence loop back to rear entrance of SC.
SC03 Sun City 52m Start from Bank @ Front Entrance of SC, W on Indian Springs, 3405, 207, Florence, loop back to rear entrance of SC.
SC04 Sun City  15m Sun City Saunter - 8 & 15 mile routes.
SC05 Sun City 26m Start @ Tennis courts, out back gate of SC, CR147, CR143, I-35 Frontage Rd., CR311,CR375, CR314, CR310, CR237, CR216, CR239, CR234
SC06 Sun City 47m Variant of SC02
SC07 Sun City 35m Start from Tennis Courts, N on 2338, then NW on CR248, 250, 251. East on FM 970 past Florence to FM 487, then CR234 and CR147.
SC08 Sun City 37m Variant of SC01
SC09 Sun City 37-42m Variant of SC08; main route is 42m, escape route is 37m.
SC10 Sun City 37m Start @ SC Tennis Courts, out front to Andice, loop around on Indian Springs Rd, back to Russell Park, then return to SC Tennis Courts
SC11 Sun City 30m Starts @ SC Tennis Courts, out back gate, up to Jarrell, goes east of I-35, then loops back south & west to SC.
W-M Weir/Walburg Map Weir ride start locations.
W01 Walburg 50m Walburg North to FM1105, swings South, crosses Granger Dam, on to Circleville, North Hwy 95, North back to Walburg
W02 Weir 37m North from Weir, to Walburg,  South through Jonah, South toward Hutto and then back North to Weir. A 30 mile cutoff route is available.
W03 Weir 49m Weir North past Walburg to CR314, swing East to Schwertner, South to Bartlett, toward Granger, loop South & return to Weir.
W04 Weir 47m Pending!
W05 Weir 37/32m Variant of W02; reverse direction.
W06-N Weir 36/43m Uses parts of the Outlaw Trails 100 route. This is the North segment; you need the South segment also.
W06-S Weir 36/43m Uses parts of the Outlaw Trails 100 route.  This is the South segment; you need the North segment also


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